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7 Signs-Dirty Air Ducts

7 signs-dirty air ducts

7 Signs-Dirty Air Ducts

1. Sweeping and dusting the furniture needs to be done more than usual.

2. After cleaning, there is still left over visible dust floating around the house.

3. After or during sleep, occupants experience headaches, nasal congestion, or other sinus problems.

4. Rooms in the house have little or no air flow coming from the vents.

5. Occupants are constantly getting sick or are experiencing more allergies than usual.

6. There is a musty or stale odor when turning on the furnace or air conditioner.

7. Occupants are experiencing signs of sickness, e.g. fatigue, headache, sneezing, stuffy or running nose, irritability, nausea, dry or burning sensation in eyes, nose and throat.

The Importance of Air Duct Cleaning


7 Signs-Dirty Air Ducts

These 7 signs of Dirty Air Ducts are a guide to help you be on the look out and to hopefully make you aware that you need to have them inspected and or cleaned. As soon as you begin to notice any of these signs, even on a small level, you may way want to have a professional in your area come and inspect your air ducts or HVAC System. You can check out our other posted articles by clicking the links below:

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